About Me

By glyn.roberts

I’m Glyn Roberts, a normal guy working in London.

My day job is programming websites for a Media Agency in the city which is a job I love.
My tech blog is glynrob.com
As great as my job is, I do spend most of the day in-front of a computer screen which makes it too easy to get lazy and not exercise.
By setting goals of what I want to achieve, it pushes me to achieve these targets.
So here is my blog of what I have done and what I hope to achieve over the coming years.

My previous training:
Used to swim for a swimming club when in Peterborough
Played allot of football when in school.
Did 3 years of Ju Jitsu at university
A couple of years at a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) club on and off.

As some of this may look impressive, it really isn’t and my fitness level is not great.
By doing this I hope be push myself to become fitter and healthier.

Where I’m from:
Born in Manchester
Lived in Peterborough for 10 years
Lived in Louth (Lincolnshire) for 6 years
Went to Liverpool University studing Computer Science
Worked in Liverpool for a further 3 1/2 years as a programmer
Working in London as a Technical developer for the past 2 years

So this is me.
I’m no different to most other people out there so hopefully this blog will not only inspire me to get out of the house but also you.
Go on, go for a run or bike ride and you can be as egotistical as me and make your own blog 🙂