Posted: 23rd November 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

Just come to the end of my Thailand trip. It’s been amazing and well worth doing if you can get the finances and time together to make it here.
I thought I’d write a few things on what I would do if I was to visit again, so hopefully this will help you for your visit.

Staying at Tiger is good but expensive compared to other areas in Phuket. The whole road where tiger is located has many places to stay but all the prices are above what they should be. A short 5 min moped ride a bit further from the club will save you lots of cash with just as great facilities. 5000 baht a month should easily cover your accommodation when that bit further from Tiger.

The tiger meal plan does provide you well balanced meals but they are over priced and sometimes closed at random times.
There are many restaurants within walking distance and offer a wider range of food at half the price.

You can rent a moped at 3000 baht a month or if you are staying longer you can buy one for about 12000 baht. If I was to stay for 3 months again I would buy a moped and sell it on after my trip. Even if I only sell it for 3000 baht then I wouldn’t have lost any money, but you shouldn’t struggle selling it for 10000 baht. This will save lots of money and give others the option to do the same in future.

I would save up a bit more money to have a few more private training sessions. These really help you improve and are worth the money.

Traveling with your shin pads, gloves and other training gear is a pain, especially with size and weight restrictions on flights. Many people like myself that bought new equipment don’t want to take it home and are happy to sell it for a small price. People place adverts of the notice boards of Tiger of what they have to sell so it is worth a look first before shelling out for new.