Phi Phi Island

Posted: 23rd November 2010 by glyn.roberts in Places, Thailand

Phi Phi is 1 1/2 hour boat trip from Phuket Town pier so it really doesn’t take long to get there.
The Island itself doesn’t have any cars or trucks and everyone gets around on foot or bike. The area is a tourist hotspot so you don’t get much real thai culture as you would in other areas but has some excellent beaches and activities.

The beaches are long with sunbeds available for rent for 50baht. They will get drinks for you at your chair and have music playing right along the beach front. Also there are loads of long boats that can take you to the surrounding islands.

This island is a largely a party area and has many bars everywhere you go. We found one place that was a sports pub and had Premiership football on all evening. There were two English lads promoting the place who were mainly get paid in beer and were hilarious to watch as they tried to get customers into this bar. Most bars here have western staff which does make a nice change and are all very friendly and willing to offer advice if you need anything.

Accommodation is easy as long as you don’t expect too high a standard room. Everywhere you walk you will see room for rent signs and a bed and a shower room is all that you should expect from these rooms. There are a few upper-class hotels but I didn’t look into prices as we only stayed for 2 nights. You can reserve a room in advance from either websites offering trip to Phi Phi or from the travel desks all round Thailand.

We also spent one day doing a Booze Cruise with Captain Bob. He is a Canadian that has been doing these cruises for many years and knows all the best spots to go. We traveled to monkey beach where the monkeys would come and take food from you. Also cliff jumping (10 meters high) which I recommend if you fancy an adrenaline rush. We then carried on round the islands to where the “Beach” film was made. There is some great snorkeling and diving areas as you have amazing fish and plants under the water. We also fitted in a bit of caving and finally watched the sunset before heading back.
Many longboats will offer similar trips though as this was a party weekend for us we opted for the Booze Cruise where we had many drinks and a great laugh.