Bangla Stadium

Posted: 19th November 2010 by glyn.roberts in Places, Thailand

There are about 8 Muay Thai stadiums in Phuket. The two main ones are Patong and Bangla stadium.
Bangla Stadium is the largest stadium in Phuket and is also in the town of Patong.

Bangla has better facilities than the other stadiums I’ve seen and a larger preparation area for the fighters. Plenty of seats around the ring and there is an upper level where the view is just as good. As with most stadiums there is a VIP area where the tickets are more expensive but you get to sit at ringside. Personally I don’t think the extra cost is worth your seat as the view in the normal price seats are just as good. If you buy your ticket from Tiger Muay Thai before the event then it is usually cheaper. For Bangla it was 1000baht. I did find drinks are a bit more expensive here though.
The fights usually start with some young kids (usually about 6 years old) fighting first. Then come the more inexperienced fighters like teen Thai fighters or Westerners first fight. Then at the end you get the bigger fights with those that are more experienced in Muay Thai. Usually there are about 9 fights each night.

Muay Thai is part of Thailands culture so to get a true experience of Thai life it is worth going to see a few fights and if you are part of a Muay Thai club then it is fun going to support those you train with.