Week 11

Posted: 14th November 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

This week I added Western Boxing to my training schedule.
There is a bit of controversy over weather boxing and Muay Thai can compliment each other. The main reason for this is due to the different stances between the two martial arts. For Muay Thai you are more square on with your opponent than with boxing.
Personally I found it beneficial to concentrate on just my hands for a few classes and think I picked up a few good techniques for my fighting style.
These classes seemed a bit easier than the Muay Thai ones for some reason though you still do just as much.
Just like the Muay Thai classes the boxing consists of a warm up, run through punching techniques, sparing, pad work with a trainer (3 rounds) and bag work. The warm down is the typical 300 situps and 100 pressups followed by stretching.
These classes are smaller than the other classes at Tiger and there is no separation between skill so the pro’s train with the first timers. As always everyone is really nice and won’t destroy you in sparing if you have little experience.

As always I continued with my running, weights and Muay Thai classes during the week.