Week 10

Posted: 7th November 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

This week I continued with my normal schedule with Muay Thai classes, weights and running but also I added in some Thai Massages after my training to see if there was any notable differences.

Firstly I need to clear up massages in Thailand. There are two types:
One is the professional massage that helps improve your flexibility and loosen your muscles after training.
Second are the more sexual massages that have a “Happy ending” if you know what I mean.

All the spa’s around Tiger Muay Thai are the professional ones that help athletes recover from training. There are hundreds of massage places in Phuket alone (especially in Patong) where the majority of them are more towards my second description. I believe that you aim for the massage spa’s that look newer and cleaner as there is no other way to identify between the two.

The massage itself (professional Thai Massage) is an interesting experience. They use their elbows, knee’s and soles of their feet to dig into your muscles on your back, arms and legs. Some times it is a bit painful as they get the knots out so don’t expect to sleep during the massage. It is amazing how these little Thai women can inflict so much pain but it is good for you and you come out at the end feeling great.
I did notice some difference training after as I felt I could move easier than before so it must be working.