Patong – Night

Posted: 30th October 2010 by glyn.roberts in Places, Thailand

Patong at night is an interesting place. Think stag weekend and all the things you’d ask your partner not to do on their last free day before marriage, and you’d have patong.

Patong is about a 500baht taxi ride but is cheaper if you go during the day.
You have the main street with all the bars and clubs lined down the road. The street is always packed at night with westerners, touts for the clubs and people selling items.
Some of the pubs are good like the live music bar at the top of the road. Other bars go more towards the seedy underbelly of Phuket with girls dancing on the tables and approaching men at the bar. Some of the bars have games available like Connect 4 and Jenga to keep you entertained and stay at that bar but beware playing against the bar staff. They have probably played that game everyday for the last 10 years and can easily beat most people.
The clubs are good but are sometimes expensive if you go at the wrong time. Keep an eye out of happy hours and free entry times to reduce your cost on the night out.
Finally there are Ping Pong shows. I’m too embarrassed to go into too much detail about these but lets say it is an experience you’d only do once. Technically it is very impressive but not for the feint hearted.

And that is the description of Patong. Not for the family but a good laugh on a night out.