Week 8

Posted: 24th October 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

This week I have decided to start some private training sessions to speed up the progress in my Muay Thai form.
I still continued with the running, weights and Muay Thai group classes as always but the extra attention from a one on one with an instructor should really help me improve.

The group classes give you a chance to have 15mins with an instructor and after a couple of weeks, I have trained will all of them.
The way I decided which trainer to go with was by selecting the one that improves me the most.
Some trainers just run through the motions of kicks and punches on the pads which does improve your cardio, but they miss mistakes in your form. A few times I have done a combination of punches and kicks and made mistakes with my stance and footing. If I am noticing my mistakes but not getting brought up by the trainer then you don’t know what else you are getting wrong.

The trainer I’ve decided to go with is Rit. He currently competes in Patong and Bangla Stadium and has an excellent record in the ring. I have found that training with him is best for me and if I make a mistake (no matter how small) he corrects me and makes me do it 10 times perfect.
I have found that this is the best method to ensure that I am getting everything correct and improve my fighting style in the long run. Of course it is still physically draining so I get the best of both worlds.

The end of the week was a Full Moon party at one of the hotels near Rawai followed by a trip to Patong.