Week 7

Posted: 17th October 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

First half of my 3 month training complete, the last 6 weeks still to go.
So far I have concentrated on the Muay Thai and tried a few of the other classes. The classes that I plan to try over the next month and a half will be the western boxing and the MMA. The boxing will help improve my stand up game when fighting in Muay Thai and the MMA will just be me attempting the full cage fighting experience 🙂
We have a special guest here at tiger on November 18th, Royce Gracie the UFC legend, so am looking forward to going to his seminar and meeting him in person.

The Muay Thai classes are as always hard with the instructors pushing you as much as possible. The hardest part is always the pad work with the trainers. You do 3 rounds on the pads and there is no chance to rest at any point. This is the most useful part of the training as they correct your form if needed, otherwise they just push you to keep punching and kicking throughout all 3 rounds. I plan to take a few private lessons over the coming weeks to tidy up my fighting and form. I’ve heard from others that it really makes a difference to your improvement but it is a bit expensive with each session priced at 600baht. This is about £12 GBP which is cheap compared to private sessions in the UK, but as I’ve spent all my money getting and training here, I’m not the richest person at the moment. You can by a batch of 10 private lessons cheaper if you have the cash though. Now the decision is which trainer do I want the private sessions with?

  1. Ben Cotton says:

    Hey Glyn,

    Sounds like you’re having a great time out there!

    Have you heard about the Christmas Gleedelman idea? We’ve got big plans for you!