Patong – Daytime

Posted: 14th October 2010 by glyn.roberts in Places, Thailand

Patong during the day has 3 parts.

One is the beach. A nice well kept beach really close to hotels and the other amenities. Plenty to do and fun for the family.

The Second are the street shops that are available. Anything you can think of is sold here like designer cloths to weapons. All prices you can haggle and it is well worth doing. Start your haggling low. Half price is not enough. If they say 1000baht, try 300baht. Its amazing how low you can get the price if you haggle well.
There is also a shopping center up the road though you cant really haggle here as these stores are the larger brands like JJB and only sell at the price shown. If you have any luck here let me know, but it is unlikely.

Third are the bars which are in full swing even early in the day. There will likely be ladies sitting in these bars on the main stretch so if you have family with you, you will likely be more comfortable closer to the beach for a drink or some food.

Patong is a good distance from Tiger and usually costs about 400/500baht to get there by taxi.

No matter how long your stay in Phuket, you will likely go to Patong at least once either during the day or during the night (when it really gets interesting).