Week 6

Posted: 10th October 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

Week 6 was focused on just the Muay Thai classes. The weather is getting warmer so these classes seem like they are getting harder. I believe it is more the humidity rather than the heat though as some of the other lads come from hot climates and were struggling too. In the class is the normal quick warmup followed by sparing or clinching (depending on what day of the week it is) followed by some crazy fitness training like 200 kicks or a run etc.

Near the end of the week I woke up with a skin rash on my arm unfortunately. Skin rashes come from sweat from others which is unavoidable when training in Muay Thai and in such a hot climate. I shower straight after all my classes but this time I still caught a rash. Rashes are contagious so if I turned up to the classes with it, everyone else would catch it too easily. So for the rest of the week I trained by running or doing weights out of the way from others. Bit of a pain but after 4 days it was all cleared up again and I was back to training.

Finished the week with a night out in Rawai which is allot cheaper than Patong for drinks.
Half way through my training and only 6 weeks to go. The time is passing fast.