Shooting Range

Posted: 6th October 2010 by glyn.roberts in Places, Thailand

The Phuket Shooting Range is only a short distance from the Tiger Muay Thai Camp.
If you head south on the main road and turn right at the roundabout the range is only about 200m up the road.

The range is very well managed with you getting assigned to a instructor as soon as you turn up. You select the weapons that you want to fire from the list they have available. The prices are expensive but that is typical when firing guns.
The cheapest is 690baht for 10 bullets for the .22 and go up to 1200baht for 10 shotgun cartridges. All the other guns range between these two prices.

You purchase the bullets that you want to fire and the instructor walks you through to the firing range. You have to wear safety glasses and ear protectors when handling the gun and they walk you through a few safety tips.

For the hand guns you are seated on a chair and are provided with a paper target that is pushed back to the distance that you wish to shoot to.

Target for Shotgun

For the shotguns you are taken to a wider shooting range and shoot at metal statues that fall over once hit.

My shooting success rate was 50% I believe but I’m sure it was higher. Don’t know how they measure that so I’ll just accept the mark. So if I shoot at you I will need at least 2 bullets it seems 🙂

Worth having a go if you get the chance.

  1. Christopher says:

    Hey dude,

    I have few questions that I hope u can answer 😀

    1) how much does it cost for 3 months? were u live and training.
    2) roughly how much money do u spend each week on random stuff for your enjoyment?
    3) is it easy to get to know new people? 😀


  2. glyn.roberts says:

    Hi Chris,
    For 3 months training the cost is 24,000Baht (they only charged me 22,500baht for some reason)
    I’m staying in the Deluxe Fighter room which is at the camp. Officially it’s 12,000 baht per month but as I booked for 3 months they only charged me 30,000 for the full 3 months. Prices do go down to 2,500/month if you wish to stay in a dorm room.
    So for training and accommodation for 3 months I paid 52,500baht (about £1100 GBP)
    Other accommodation prices can be found here :
    I would not recommend going for the meal plan at Tiger straight away. There are plenty of restaurants about that offer cheaper prices and a wider range of food.
    Depending on your lifestyle you can be paying 50baht a meal or up to 300baht. Also if you go to the party spots like Patong you will likely spend 2000baht on a night out (drinks, entry and taxi charges).
    I do travel around and see plenty of other areas around Phucket so probably spend more than some others. I estimate that I spend 4,000Baht a week though this can be lower if you skip the big nights out on the town.
    So with flights, purchasing equipment (gloves, shin guards, tee-shirts, short, detol etc) I recon that the full 3 months cost me £3,000 GBP (about 143,000baht)
    Hope this has helped.
    Glyn Roberts

  3. glyn.roberts says:

    Oh and all the people in Tiger are really nice and friendly. You get a chance to meet lots of other people in the classes and at the canteen. Everyone can usually speak English even if it is not their first language.
    Everyone is in the same boat and not many people come to the camp with other people they know so they do make an effort to make friends.
    You won’t have any trouble finding people to hang out with after training