Week 5

Posted: 3rd October 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

Week 5 consisted of Muay Thai as normal, but I also concentrated on my running more.

The trainers constantly say that Muay Thai fighters run, so this week I pushed my running for as long as possible.

Running at Tiger is not great unfortunately due to there not being any footpaths here. You have to run on the roads and keep an eye out for the traffic as road safety is not something that seems to be considered by Thai Drivers. It’s not too bad but you do need to keep an eye out for those drivers that do not know exactly how wide their vehicle is.
My method is running towards traffic on the road as you can see what is coming and jump out of the way if they get a bit too close.
Near the end of the week I ran to the Big Buddha. Its a tough run and sharp inclines to get to the top of the mountain (big hill).
It’s about 10k to the top from Tiger and the last 6k is quite safe running as there is not much traffic.
I messed my feet up a bit with my shoes rubbing my heals which I think it due to the incline so if you try it, be careful as it could put you out of running for a week while they heal.

The Muay Thai classes continue as always as I slowly get better at reading the opponents moves before they punch/kick. The main improvement is due to watching how the opponent either moves their eyes or shoulders. If a shoulder drops a bit then a kick is coming. My sparing does need improving so this should get easier as I continue with these classes.