The Big Buddha

Posted: 2nd October 2010 by glyn.roberts in Places, Thailand

The Big Buddha is this huge statue that sits on top of one of the mountain tops in Phuket which can be seen from the Tiger training area.

View half way up the mountain

The distance to the reach the Big Buddha from Tiger is about 12km. The last 6 km is all up hill with some sharp inclines so its easiest getting a scooter or taxi to the top.
I decided to run it from Tiger which was a great challenge, but not planning to do it again anytime soon 🙂
In certain religions, the harder the journey to get to the place of worship the more your voice would be heard by God.
There are no walking paths to the top so you have to stay on the road. Not much traffic goes up and down so its safe but a tough journey. Most locals traveling up and down will offer you a free ride if they see you making the journey on foot.

The journey to the top is great as you see elephants working alongside Thai locals, monkey shows and some great views of the whole island.

The Big Buddha

Once you reach the top there is a temple which sells memorabilia, drinks and snacks. Also inside the temple is a monk (which I think is there everyday) who offers prayers to you.
You can get right up to the Buddha by walking through the temple to the steps at the back and following them to the base of the statue. This is all free though there are several donation boxes for those that wish to help with the restoration of the Buddha.

The site from the top is amazing as you can see the sea on all sides if the day is clear. There is also a golden Buddha and other religious artifacts at the top so worth taking a look about.

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