BBQ Beatdown

Posted: 29th September 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

The last saturday of every month is the Tiger BBQ beatdown. They change the whole days training schedule so the Tiger camp can be prepared for the evenings entertainments.

The morning Muay Thai classes are on the beach. They offer a minibus from the camp at 7:30am for all guests that wish to train in the morning. Once arrived the session is filled with running along the beach, techniques and a few fun and games at the end.
There are no evening Muay Thai classes on BBQ beatdown days.

The afternoon consists of a football match guests against the trainers. The football pitch is at a local school a short 10min run or 5 min ride from the Tiger camp. A minibus is offered to this venue also.
One concern I had was the pitch is a concreted area with sand on top that has blown in from the road. This makes the game much more difficult as the surface is now very slippery.
The match was fun and you can tell the Thai people play football regularly as they were quite good. We lost 3-2 against the trainers but it was fun to play against them.

The evenings entertainment was a BBQ followed by fights throughout the night. A ticket for the food and drink was 350baht but it was all you can eat and drink while they still had any available.
There were 3 Muay Thai fights, 1 boxing match and 3 cage fights keeping us rabble entertained for the rest of the evening. The entertainment ended around 11pm though several of the lads continued the night by heading into Patong.
I stayed at the camp with a few of the lads and continued drinking. A great way to see out the month.