Week 4

Posted: 27th September 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

This week training continued as usual. Muay Thai classes and now I’m adding in a more concentrated gym schedule.

The Thai Hulk

I had a chat with the main gym instructor Peter aka “Thai Hulk” and went through a program to improve my conditioning. Peter has a excellent history in competing in Mr Thailand and Mr Asia body building championships each year. This helped my focus on the muscle groups that need the most improvement and give me an overall improvement to my fitness.

The Muay Thai classes are the same each week. Monday, Wednesday and Friday is Muay Thai sparing. Tuesday and Thursdays are clinching techniques. Saturday is a combination training. I feel a real difference in my technique as I seem to keep my form in the sparing sessions without too much concentration now.

BBQ beatdown on Saturday so you can read the other posts regarding that.

Sunday spent recovering from an excellent weekend 🙂