Week 3

Posted: 20th September 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

Third week of training consisted of BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu) and Muay Thai. This gave me a chance to start my introduction into MMA as this incorporates allot of ground work (BJJ)

I continued my intermediate Muay Thai classes as usual. These classes are improving my technique and giving me more of a challenge in the sparing sessions. You still do 3 rounds with the trainers, then 3 rounds on the bags followed by 3 rounds sparing.
Often you have to kick the punchbags 200 times before the last 100 push-ups and 200 sit-ups to end the session.

The BJJ (Brazilian Jui Jitsu) classes are now running 5 days a week with the new instructor. This is traditionally ground fighting learning locks and other tapout techniques to use against your opponent. You may train with Gi’s if you brought them and those without can train no-gi style. Personally I prefer no-gi as a fight in the street is unlikely to be against someone with a strong collar coat on (and also it is a pain to wash you Gi after every training session). There are still good reasons to train with a Gi as it does open up many more moves to learn, so if you are interested in learning everything about BJJ then bring a Gi with you.
I found these classes difficult as those taking part were experienced in BJJ previously. The drills we ran though were excellent and helped bring my standard up quickly. I was getting defeated easily in the sparing sessions but its a price I pay when my experience is limited in BJJ. Each sparing session was useful though as you learn allot when training against someone more skilled than you.

Saturday night spent in Patong at a live music pub which sold alcohol at a reasonable price followed by a club called Seduction. Great end to a tough week 🙂

  1. Lizzie says:

    Great blog, its so interesting to read, but i think its making me more nervous hearing the 200 kicks on the bags before the 100 push ups haha 🙂

    i dont feel like im going in blind now after reading your posts.

    Keep it up!

    Lizzie x

  2. Luke Espin says:

    Did you do any seducing in seduction?