Week 2

Posted: 12th September 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

Second week of training complete. This week I split my training into 2 parts. The morning I did the Krabi Krabong and in the afternoon was the Muay Thai. This gave me a chance to try something different during the morning to mix up my training a bit.

Krabi Krabong

This incorporates weapons like sticks (swords traditionally) and knives. A very interesting class. You usually start the class with how to hold sticks (swords) followed by different striking methods. After that you learn the defensive moves followed by light sparing between the other students.
The knives get a bit messy. You are given a practice knife that looks real but is blunt on all sides. You go through a few moves of how to attack and defend with a knife then onto some more light sparing between other students.
It is an eye opener as you see quickly how easy it is to get stabbed if this situation was real.

Muay Thai

Started the first half of the week continuing in the beginner class. On Wednesday I got upgraded to the Intermediate Muay Thai classes which is great. These classes focus more on the technique rather than the fitness as much. The warmup is easier than the beginner classes though more is expected of you in the one to one sessions with the trainers and the sparing rounds. The lads in these classes as you would expect are stronger and faster so it is a big step up from what I was doing previously. Now looking to improve enough to move up to the advance classes, though that may be quite a few weeks till I do 🙂

The weekend was spent looking round Patong and Nai Harn Beach which was a relaxing break.