Nai Harn Beach

Posted: 12th September 2010 by glyn.roberts in Places, Thailand

Nai Harn beach is on the very south of Phuket.
About a 15min drive from Tiger Muay Thai so a taxi is about 300 Baht and a scooter is about 120Baht.

There is not as much going on in the area as there are only a few restaurants and shops along the sea front. None of the sleazy aspects of thailand are present so a nice wholesome place for the family.
Taxi rank on the end of the beach so getting home is easy also.

The beach itself is clean and with your usual sunbed rental for 100Baht.
There are signs saying that you shouldn’t swim but this is for certain parts of the beach only. There are some rocks under water in a section of the beach which are highlighted by red and yellow flags and this is the area to avoid when swimming. You will have whistles blown at you if you do try to swim in these areas by the life guards.

There are several people walking around selling ice-creams, towels and other items on the beach and a few stalls just behind the beach selling cold drinks.