Kata Beach

Posted: 11th September 2010 by glyn.roberts in Places, Thailand

Kata Beach is about 20mins from Tiger Muay Thai. As always the cheapest way to get around is on the back of a moped Taxi. 120 baht was the price I was able to haggle down to.

The beach is further south than Patong but still has lots to do around the area. The beach itself is clean with a great view. Surfing available along with speed boat rental.

The town around the beach has several bars and restaurants to cool down in along with the typical tourist shops and attractions.

The area is very tourist friendly and not as sleazy as Patong for example, though there were a few places that offer that sort of thing. You can’t help but laugh as you walk down the street firstly being asked if you want internet access followed by the extra services they have available.

Worth a visit if you want to relax on the beach in relative peace.