Week 1

Posted: 5th September 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

So my first week in Tiger Muay Thai is complete. It’s been a tough week but very interesting.

Started day 1 with getting up at 6am. My first Yoga class was at 7am so had some time to eat a bit of food first. The yoga class was interesting. The guy doing the class had one of those wooden flutes like in Kill Bill and played calming music while everyone got seated. A few stretches and strange positions followed by a 15 min meditation with him playing the flute again. A nice way to start the week.
The next class was the Muay Thai class where I got introduced to the instructors and then straight into training. The first 30 mins is just the warm up but this the hardest bit of the class. It’s a combination of running, kicks and punches. This is then followed by several techniques for punching, kicking and clinching.
2 1/2 hours later the class is over and I feel shattered. A protein shake to get some energy back but I had to go for a 2 hour sleep straight after.
Wake up and start the afternoon training session. The class is the same structure as the first but with different techniques that you learn. The warm up still the most difficult part of the class but still fun and well instructed.

Day 2 similar to day 1. Same class structure but also incorporated some Muay Thai sparing. My muscles still aching from yesterday but powering through to keep up with the other lads. I will go into more details on the classes in other posts.

Day 3 was my birthday so I only did morning training and went to Nai Ham beach in the afternoon. Took a moped taxi to get to the beach which is the cheapest method of transport, but slightly dangerous as you weave through the traffic of thailand streets.

Day 4, 5 and 6 started getting easier and the afternoon off yesterday really made a good difference to my recovery.
On day 6 after training I headed to Patong with a few lads from the club. And interesting experience that I will go into more detail in another post.

Lizard outside my room

Day 7 is the one day off a week you get. Kept it quiet and relaxed by seeing a few areas nearby.

Overall a really good week. It’s been tough but feel great and ready for what is coming next week. I plan to try a few of the other classes next week and will let you know how they went.