Getting to Thailand Part 2

Posted: 1st September 2010 by glyn.roberts in Thailand

Arrive at Bangkok and go through customs. VISA easily accepted. You get a small sheet of paper on your final flight to complete asking for your VISA id and passport information. You hand this over with your passport and once stamped you are through. I picked up my bags as it is a different company to fly internally in Thailand. I had a quick look around the area but as it was so early in the morning, everywhere was quiet. Check into my flight and wait for the final plane to Phuket.

This time only a 1 1/2 hour flight which was welcomed. Starting to feel tired now after 23 hours traveling so far. Thailand is 6 hours ahead of the UK so even though it was reaching breakfast time back home, it was almost lunch time here.
As you leave the airport you get hounded by taxi drivers. Having a traveling rucksack on me made me a bit of a target I think. My flight was delayed so I was unsure if the taxi I had ordered previously would still be here. I walked around the arrivals gate for a bit but could not find the guy. When I had given up another Taxi driver started talking to me asking where I was going. I said Tiger Muay Thai and he got out this A4 piece of paper with Tiger Muay Thai written on it. Not convinced that he was actually from the same taxi firm as the club but he agreed to the price of 650 baht (which is what it would have cost me anyway) so I agreed for him to take me.

He was a bit over friendly which I struggled with after traveling for so long, but seemed nice enough. It is a 30min drive to the club from the airport so chatting away did pass the time a bit. As we got closer he started his hustling routine. He firstly started with giving me his mobile number so he can pick me up anywhere anytime then followed by cheap speed boat hire. This is all well and good as it offers me options when I am here. He did then try to persuade me to go to a different hotel to stay in and a different club to train at. This I didn’t like as he did try to take me to another place to meet a friend of his. I did have to get more forceful requesting that he take me to the club. He did once he realised that I was serious and not interested in a different club. I have heard stories like this from other friends that have been to Thailand before so this may just be generally done by taxi drivers from the airport.

Got my room sorted quickly at Tiger and had a short nap to recover. The room is very rustic but reasonable with the price that I am paying.

Training starts tomorrow so lots of rest today.

Here is my club at night.

  1. Chris says:

    Mate, the place looks well good

  2. glyn.roberts says:

    yeah, its great. I’ll do a full video of the area during the day when the weather gets better. The days at the moment are a bit cloudy so I’ll wait till the sun is shining.