Paris Marathon – After

Posted: 12th April 2010 by glyn.roberts in Marathon

As I crossed the finish line I had people throwing up on both sides. I felt ok, but was probably due to me walking for the last 2 hours.
All I wanted to do was sit down. Nope, had to try and raise my foot up so my timing chip could be taken off. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but after covering 26 miles, it is.
Walked to the baggage area collecting my tee-shirt and medal on the way very slowly. Moving at any speed right now is not going to happen.
Luckily I found Ash almost straight away. He’s completed the course in just over 4 hours (Congratulations).

Glyn Roberts completing the Paris Marathon

He’d only been waiting about 30mins for me as the baggage area took ages for him when he tried.
I sat down on the grass and we stayed there for almost an hour. I would of been happy not to move for the next 2 days but we had arranged to see a mate we grew up with.
We headed over to his restaurant via the Metro both of us walking like litle old ladies. We needed the hand rail to get up and down the steps and really didn’t care right then that we were the slow ones getting on the train.

We stayed at the restaurant for a few hours with a beer and a burger (the best I’d tasted ever) and caught up with our mate.
Quick stop off at the British Heart Foundation (Ash had a friend that was one of the organisers) then headed to the Eurostar to go back to the UK and home.

The next 2 days were horrible. I couldn’t walk and the inventor of the stairs should be shot 🙂
I ended up being sick 24 hours after the marathon so I think my body just shut down on me.
It did take 2 days for me to be able to walk and feel good again.

Overall a great experience.
I would recommend doing it but also recommend training a bit harder than I did if you don’t want to feel so bad the day after.

Congratulations to everyone that complete the Paris 2010 Marathon.