Paris Marathon – Part 2

Posted: 11th April 2010 by glyn.roberts in Marathon

Powering on in the Paris Marathon

1 hour into the run and I’m feeling great.
Making excellent time and the weather has cooled down so everything is going smoothly.

I grab a quick gel pack and drink from my bag to keep my energy up.
I see Ash pass me so I quickly catch up with him to say high and see how is run is going.
Not much talking between us. More like grunts with everything being one word answers.
We continue and break apart again.

The next hour goes by quickly and I get a chance to get my head up and enjoy the scenery.
Paris is a beautiful city and the route they gave us had great views.

Every food stop was like heaven. They had fruit like oranges and banana’s but also food like sausage slices and some strange bread thing. Now and again at the drink stops they had people giving out cider and other alcoholic beverages. I don’t know who would take drinks like these when doing the marathon but I’m sure that some people must be. I refrained and continued.

As I reached the half way mark (13 miles) I still feel great and I caught up with Ash again.
A quick nod as we meet briefly and we split up again to run our own race.
I’m now in new territory for me as I have never ran past this distance before.