Paris Marathon – Part 1

Posted: 11th April 2010 by glyn.roberts in Marathon

Early hours of the morning in Paris

Starting point

The day of the Marathon.
Wake up at 7am (6am UK time) and try to get ready without waking the girls asleep in the bunk beds opposite.
Me and Ash have been using the toilet at the end of the hallway since we arrived at the hostel but find out that the cupboard at the end of the room was actually a bathroom. Fail.
We quietly laughed it off and headed downstairs for some breakfast.
Some cereal bars and a banana, enough to start the day I hope.
Quick stretch to warm us up then heading out of the front door to the Metro.

Arrived at the check-in station with plenty of time to drop our bags off and head slowly to the start line.
Quick jog around the area with Ash to try and warm up followed by a final stretch.
All ready at the start line and the nerves start to kick in. Everyone around us looks like professions and really know what they are doing. Everyone is smiling and looking forward to the run.
Me and Ash go quiet realising that we probably should of trained harder over the last few months. We ask each other what was the largest distance we have covered running. Both our answers is 13 miles, only half the distance of task we are about to undertake. Oh well, too late now to do anything about it.

Everyone cheers as the race starts. We walk for about 5 mins as everyone in front of us starts. As we reach the starting line we wish each other good luck then start jogging.
Straight away me and Ash get seperated in the crowd. Not a problem as we both run at different paces so I put my podcast on and got stuck-in.
I had saved up 5 hours of Security Now Podcasts for this run. Podcasts take me out of what I’m doing so the first hour of the run went by really quickly making excellent time.

Heres the course map: